Feeling Strangely Fine

Adventures in New Foods_Tuna Steak

It’s been a month since my last post!  Where has the time gone.  Sadly, I have not been doing much cooking of late and have reverted back to whatever is handy and readily available, which as you can guess is not necessarily the healthiest or yummiest.  Oh well, spring has sprung and it’s time to spring clean the house and the pantry.  

There was one new food that I never posted, tuna.  I had tried canned tuna fish a few years back and hated it.  Other people seem to like it; they voluntarily buy cans of tuna or tuna fish sandwiches at sub shops.  So, being a poor post doc at the time, and tired of PB&J and ramen noodles I thought I’d give the protein-packed, cheap canned fish a try.  GAG.  

As I embarked on this new foods adventure many insisted tuna steaks are nothing like the canned version and I should give it a try.  So, as my Aunt made tuna nicoise salad from the Cook This, Not That! Cookbook for her boyfriend while I was visiting one weekend she gave me a bite to taste.  Well, I didn’t gag.  However, not my favorite of the fishes I’ve tried.  I will recommend the Cook This Not That cookbook.   I ended up getting it for Easter and now that I’m back to cooking will be using it!  For those of you that do love tuna, the cookbook version has 350 calories and 11 g fat compared to Subways tuna salad that has 610 calories and 54 g fat.

There won’t be as many new foods to post.  Spring has sprung and summer is coming so it’s back to veggie burgers and salads for me 😀  Maybe once I get my grill I’ll start experimenting with marinades.


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