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Adventures in New Foods-Meyer Lemons

A variety of a fruit is arguably not a new food but I was in a rush to get in and out of the grocery as the battered Philadelphians begrudgingly bought supplies in preparations for yet another winter storm; last week brought our fourth major storm for those counting.  I really wanted to make more …

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Adventures in New Foods-Kiwano aka Horned Melon

Since half of this past week was spent staggering slowly between bed and couch with sinuses complaining I went the lazy route and picked my new food straight from the shelf based on ease of preparation (as in none).  I’ve seen these odd little melons in the grocery before so decided to give the ugly little thing …

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Adventures in New Foods-Polenta

I recently watched Food Inc and am currently reading The Omnivores Dilemma both of which describe America’s dependency on corn among other topics. I hadn’t ever put much thought into how much our diets consist of corn product in some form, be it actual corn, meat from corn-fed animals, or corn syrup and a laundry …

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Adventures in New Things-Skiing???

A long weekend leaves me procrastinating until Monday for my Week 6 posts.  So far 2010 has been the snowiest year I can remember and even I, who loves the pretty white stuff, am over it.  Week 6 began with 28 inches of snow followed by a mid-week pummeling of about 20 inches.  Now, as …

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The Tally_Week 5

I’ve moved!  Well, the blog has anyway.  Since I’ve been consistent with this whole blog thing I’ve decided to stop squatting at my old World Leader Pretend site and relocate to Feeling Strangely Fine (brownie points if you know the source)  Those of you reading on facebook won’t notice any difference, I’ve changed the import …

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Adventures in New Foods-Beets

According to the New York Times beets are a “nutritional powerhouse” high in folate, potassium and manganese. Continuing my way through the Everyday Food  issue I bought last week, I made beet chips and beet/carrot slaw this weekend to give them a fair shot. I will agree with the NY Times assessment of beet’s taste: …

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