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Monthly Archives: March, 2010

Irish Soda Bread

Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day!  In honor of the occasion I will share with you the “family” Irish Soda Bread recipe.  At least that is what I had always considered it to be until recently.  For as long as I can remember St. Pat’s Day was celebrated with Mom’s Irish Soda Bread, which she only …

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Adventures in New Foods-Guinness

That’s right, I had never had Guinness.  I do love my beer and tend to prefer ambers but the darkness of Guinness has been a bit off-putting for me.  I figured it was time to give the stout a try and when better than now in honor of St. Patrick’s Day; so this week’s new …

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Adventures in New Foods-Scallops

This week I tried another new seafood, scallops.  Having not been raised a fish eater it’s all new to me, except shrimp that I started eating on a regular basis a few years ago now.  I decided to go with Bay Scallops solely because they’re smaller so if I didn’t like them it would at …

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