Feeling Strangely Fine


When I logged onto this site I knew it had been awhile but was surprised to realize it had been well over a year (having to retrieve my forgotten password should have been my first clue).  Somehow between preparing to purchase, purchasing, and settling into my new home time has slipped by at exponential pace.  Having lost 2011 here I am in 2012 remember how much I enjoyed cooking and how better I felt eating primarily whole foods with limited processed and fast food in take.  I spent much of this first week of 2012 picking new recipes to try and cleaning out the cupboards of junk.

Given the newness of it all I’ve probably over done it with the cooking/baking and new recipe trying but enjoyed a weekend full of whole food plant based eating. Thanks to my friend Nikki, I’ve been inspired to investigate the Happy Herbivore and thanks to an amazon lightening deal my first issue of Vegetarian Times ($5 for the year) came this past week offering more yummy fare to try.

For Friday night dinner I wanted something fairly quick and simple after a long week of work and late arrival home from post-work Wegmans stop.  I settled on Polenta Pizza from the Fat Free Vegan blogsite I added rosemary to the polenta and left out the vegan sausage for a veggie-ful pizza. Mine was not quite crust-like enough (or perhaps to loaded with veg) to actually pick up like a slice of pizza but was quite good and worth adding to the recipe box.

Saturday I decided to take some left over pumpkin I had sitting in the fridge and make maple kissed pumpkin muffins. I halved the recipe since I only had about 1/2 cup pumpkin leftover from making pumpkin waffles New Year’s Day. The house smelled divine while baking and these vegan muffins were wonderfully moist and delicious and perfect for an afternoon cup of tea. Dinner brought a lighter eggplant recipe than my typical fried eggplant (I do love fried eggplant!), pistachio crusted eggplant is baked and breaded in pistachio’s rather than breadcrumbs.  I stacked mine in a casserole dish rather than individual slices so it took longer to cook (~40 minutes).  Another recipe to keep and make again, really enjoyed this and a bit of sauce made it that much better.

I’ll be ending off the week with chickpea piccata.  I had high hopes for this one given my love of chicken piccata but realization that there’s a reason food network does not put nutritional information on their website.  The chickpea cakes are a bit dense for my liking (I’ve never had chickpea cakes before so nothing to judge against) but the sauce was great.  I used the little bit of leftover polenta from the pizza to pan fry some polenta sticks in a tablespoon of olive oil.


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