Feeling Strangely Fine

Adventures in New Foods-Meyer Lemons

A variety of a fruit is arguably not a new food but I was in a rush to get in and out of the grocery as the battered Philadelphians begrudgingly bought supplies in preparations for yet another winter storm; last week brought our fourth major storm for those counting.  I really wanted to make more Lemon Ricotta cookies and saw a bag of these little lemons within arms reach so here we are.  Meyer Lemons are slightly smaller than your standard lemon with an orange hue to their rinds.  They are native of China and thought to be a cross between lemon and mandarin orange.  

I had made these cookies during the week attempting to like cheese and though savory attempts at cheese were highly unsuccessful, I really loved these sweet and lemony ricotta cookies (as did my coworkers whom benefit regularly from my love of baking and conflicting desire to rid my home of sweets).  The cookies are somewhat cake-like and spread a bit so I tried to make them a bit smaller this time; I think they might work well in a madeleine pan, which I do not yet own.  I also tried a new recipe with a similar flavor profile, Lemon Ricotta Buscuits, another Giada recipe (Food Network is having server issues but hopefully the link works when they fix their site if not search Nonna’s Lemon Ricotta Biscuits).  I decided to make the buscuits in mini-muffin cups and they are delicious; very moist and yummy.   

You definitely do taste the mandarin flavor in these guys so if you’re looking for that lemony tartness you may want to stick with standard lemons.  They do offer a light, distinct flavor to baked goodies and will be purchased again.  March is nearly here, which means Guinness recipes!!!


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