Feeling Strangely Fine

Adventures in New Foods-Kiwano aka Horned Melon

Since half of this past week was spent staggering slowly between bed and couch with sinuses complaining I went the lazy route and picked my new food straight from the shelf based on ease of preparation (as in none).  I’ve seen these odd little melons in the grocery before so decided to give the ugly little thing a try.  As the checkout girl remarked, Kiwanos look like something from Super Mario Brothers; maybe this would make them an attractive treat for fruit-hating children.

After cutting the thing open I had to google it to figure out how one was supposed to eat it as it appears to be green slime with lots and lots of seeds…hmmm.  As usual Google didn’t let me down and right there in my search results was How to Eat a Kiwano!  The verdict:  it is in fact a lime-like flavor with a hint of banana as described in the first link.  Texturally, it’s very jello-like and the seeds have no flavor so are really just in the way and there are lots of them.  All in all not bad, not great but not really worth the effort for the little fruit you get after all the seeds.


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