Feeling Strangely Fine

Adventures in New Things-Skiing???

A long weekend leaves me procrastinating until Monday for my Week 6 posts.  So far 2010 has been the snowiest year I can remember and even I, who loves the pretty white stuff, am over it.  Week 6 began with 28 inches of snow followed by a mid-week pummeling of about 20 inches.  Now, as Week 7 starts with a President’s Day vacation day, we are expecting more snow tonight-only 3-5 or 4-8 inches depending on who you believe; anything less than a foot is a mere flurry.  All of this snow and the Winter Olympics are making me think skiing should be my next new thing of 2010.  Nope, I have never been on skis or a snowboard.  Sleigh riding, snow tubing and fort building are the extent of my winter fun.  I should point out that I am not the most balanced creature God has made (just ask my Wii fit) and graceful is not a word that has ever been used to describe me so I really don’t see me and skis as a good fit.  It could be entertaining for whomever wishes to join me on this adventure. 

I do envy the Olympians.  I am a fearful, intellectual person that carefully weighs the benefits and risks of situations before committing to pursue.  I would not risk lifelong injury for a sport or adventure.  Every four years people around the world sit on their couches and watch hours upon hours of these extraordinary humans who literally fly, and race, and attack their environments with grace, courage and fearlessness.  They don’t think what their sport will do to their young bodies over time, they live for today only.  I am jealous of their fierce drive.  At the very least it should inspire me to at least stand on skis and fall my way through a bunny slope!  Who’s in??  Now, off to practice Wii slalom.


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