Feeling Strangely Fine

The Tally_Week 5

I’ve moved!  Well, the blog has anyway.  Since I’ve been consistent with this whole blog thing I’ve decided to stop squatting at my old World Leader Pretend site and relocate to Feeling Strangely Fine (brownie points if you know the source)  Those of you reading on facebook won’t notice any difference, I’ve changed the import settings so it will keep magically appearing (hopefully, one can never tell when facebook decides to misbehave).  

Week 5 has come and gone already; though I’m still slacking on exercise I have tried lots of new recipes this week so not too bad.  The epic storm left me wanting to bake and cook while keeping warm and watching the pretty snow through the window.  Some were successful and others not so much.  I’ll refrain from whining about the beets again and share the good stuff…

Parsnips/Apple Mash was really good, especially as an accompaniment to the pork roast.  Simply peel the parsnip and apple (equal parts) and cube, add to boiling water and simmer for ~30 minutes, drain and mash with butter, salt, pepper and a little bit of milk.  The apple flavor is very subtle and this was a nice change of pace from the typical mashed potatoes.

Veggie-Full Frittata was another success that made for excellent lunches.  I followed the recipe but added baby bella mushrooms, scallions and some fresh herbs (oregano and basil).  

I decided to give cheese another try.  If you’re new to my posts, I do not like cheese…at all…unless it is in a cannoli.  Since I like cannoli’s I figured I’d start with ricotta. Butternut squash tortellini with ricotta and parmesan made me gag after a couple of bites.  I did get the first couple of bites down though, so I guess that’s an improvement.  Luckily, I had made half sans cheese and they were yummy.  Lemon ricotta cookies were delicious and totally satisfied my lemon craving.  Apparently I need sugar added to my cheese.  

I also made the old stand-by Jam Thumbprints to take in to work.  To change them up a bit I made them into little hearts, or started to and realized it was a pain in the ass so went back to simple rounds.  The recipe is simple: 1 cup butter, 1/4 cup sugar, and 2 cups flour.  Cream the butter and sugar then add the flour and beat until the dough becomes pea-sized crumbs.  Take tablespoonfuls and roll into a ball and indent with thumb making sure there are no cracks or jam will leak out.  To make hearts I made two 1/2 tablespoonful sized balls and indent each, then push them together and smooth out the center to form the heart.  Fill indentation with jam or preserves of your choosing (jelly will boil and leak out) bake at 400 degrees for ~10 minutes.  Cool on foil and sprinkle with powdered sugar.


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