Feeling Strangely Fine

Week 4

OK there will be no tally since it would be a big fat 0.  Yes, that’s right not one workout all week, not even a second of Wii hula hooping.  The brick wall was tall and wide or maybe there was just one little brick that I was too apathetic to step over so I complacently made a deal with myself to start over Feb 1 since it just seems reasonable to restart on a Monday that happens to be the first day of a new month.  I’d like to claim that I ate well and just slacked on exercise but there weren’t a lot of meetings at work this week so my colleagues and I went to PF Changs for lunch one day and Wegman’s the next (where I skipped the salad bar and ordered a burrito).  Oh well, Feb 1st is tomorrow and feeling rejuvenated from yesterday’s couch-day I went back to the kitchen with all new recipes to try.  

I bought Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Light Issue as a checkout line impulse buy last week and am pleased to say there are many recipes in here I plan on trying (a rarity, usually I buy these things then never make anything in them).  I wouldn’t say I’m a big Martha fan,  I can’t stand to watch her shows because she comes across as so obnoxious.  That said she is a shrewd business woman and has good ideas (or hires people who have good ideas).  

Anyway, there was a section on cooking in parchment paper that included a salmon recipe.  So last nights plate was lemon pepper salmon with brown rice and veggie salsa.  The verdict: easy, tasty and no clean up = perfect.  This was somewhat of a new food; I had tried salmon once at a work convention because it was the most edible sounding thing on the menu.  It was dry and tasteless but that’s to be expected from hotel catering so it was worth a second shot (my home prep was much better).

I’ll be trying another recipe from the issue tonight, parsnip and apple mash instead of mashed potatoes as my side with pork tenderloin.  We shall see.  Of course, you can’t be healthy all the time.  I am currently enjoying the smell of fresh baked banana muffins, can’t wait for them to cool a moment so I can try!


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