Feeling Strangely Fine

The First Thing I Ever Knitted

It ain’t pretty but it’s mine!  My very first scarf, a full scarf, hell I’d even wear it in public 😀  Knitting is no longer the great mystery it was when I was a child watching my mother and grandmother work their needles with yarn by their side.  It’s actually not that difficult once you get used to holding the needles and working the yarn.  Granted all I’ve done is a simple scarf (very simple, only knit stiches no purls).   With great confidence I will attempt my next project: a ribbed scarf with both knit and purl stitches, wish me luck.  I don’t foresee sweaters in the near future but I’ve succeeded at my first new adventure of 2010.  Now what to do for the other eleven….

The community college is offering a wine brewing and tasting course but it’s nearly $200 for a handful of classes.  With my job still in limbo I am in search of cheaper ventures to occupy my winter.  I got the local high schools adult evening school schedule in the mail the other day and there may be some options worth exploring that are less than $100.  Now I just need to decide between kickboxing, aquacize (no swimming offered, boo), Japanese cooking or belly dance.  I’m also thinking volunteering might be a good way to try something different while meeting people and saving money.  Any other ideas?


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  1. Nice scarf!! I was looking at that same school schedule… I’m tempted to take the belly dancing class. I think Whole Foods is also having some classes coming up… might be worth looking into.

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