Feeling Strangely Fine

Week 2-The Tally

I survived Week 2 of the new year despite some waning enthusiasm.  Lunches are my downfall, I can only eat so many salads and what other healthy options are there really??? Seriously, I am open to suggestions.  Thanks to Mom’s over-abundance of roasting chicken, this week will be chicken sandwiches-I’ll try to limit the mayo but make no promises.  I did have a somewhat successful adventure in cooking as I attempted to prepare Indian eggplant puree (Bharta).  Of course if you try to search for a recipe a bunch show up and they are all different so I just added what seemed right from the different versions I saw.

1 eggplants
1-2 shallots chopped
 1 tbls. of chili powder
1 tbls. of garam masala
1 tbls. cumin
1 tbls. turmeric
1 tbls. ground coriander
1 finely chopped tomato
Drizzle of olive oil

Make a few slits in the eggplant and roast for 40 minutes at 400 degrees.  Remove the skin and mash.  This is where I had trouble; eggplant does not seem to like being mashed and it put up a good fight.  I mashed as best I could then cut what was left into small cubes.  Saute the shallots and olive oil then add the spices, eggplant and tomato.  I added some water because the consistency did not look right form what I’ve had at restaurants.  Add the peas and serve with basmati rice and naan.  The verdict:  it was good, very good even but there was too much of some spice and not enough heat.  I don’t know Indian spices enough to know which was overpowering.

This and Chili have been my dinners this past week.  It’s been so cold that nice, spicy comfort food seemed in order.  On the fitness front I am still enjoying EA Active for Wii and only missed one day; boxing and tennis on Wii sports are pretty fun too.  Now, to get ready for another work-week, at least it’s only four days this week!



  1. I almost never do salads for lunch! I cook on Sunday’s and make stuff that I can take for leftovers for lunch… turkey meatloaf with pea pods, whole wheat pasta with veggies and chicken sausage, PB/J (a standard, but I make bread every week and it is too good to not have a PBJ), tuna with brown rice or tuna with beans and spinach. One thing I learned to fend off lunchtime boredom was to cook everything on Sunday separately and mix up during the week into different dishes.

  2. mckinlau

    I usually cook Sunday’s as well but then eat the leftovers for dinner; I’m too lazy to cook after work (and on a good day post-work workout). PB/J does hit the spot on some days, homemade bread would be even better.

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