Feeling Strangely Fine

The Great Chill

Happy First Sunday of the New Year!!  I plan on updating this blog every Sunday as my New Year’s tally so here’s day 1…

2010 decided to start off with a cold freeze made worse by a near zero crazy windchill.  I’ve made the most of this inhuman weather by barricading myself indoors since Friday afternoon and giving my apartment the fresh start it needed to motivate mine.  Thus far the Christmas decorations are down, organized and packed away; the dismantling of Christmas is not near as jolly as it’s creation.  The artificial tree put up a fight getting back in the box but ultimately I won the battle.  I always feel a bit sad when it’s all packed away and my apartment suddenly seems so sparse and dreary.  It will pass in a week or two and I’ll be grateful to have my space back considering there is a lot of rearranging needed to make Christmas fit in my little townhouse.

Since I had to reorg my storage closet to make room for the new artificial tree, I decided to keep the great purge and org going and completely reorganized my bedroom closet and dresser (as in removed everything and started over).  This should also motivate me to maintain my 15 lb weight-loss of 2009 as I have now removed all clothes that are too big from my closet (post-holiday damage = +2.5lbs).  I’ll count all of this housework as exercise for the weekend.  Now, as mid-afternoon on my last day off has approached, dusting, vacuuming, laundry are finished, and lunches and dinners for the entire week are prepared!  Not a bad start if I do say so myself.  The only task left is the hated cleaning of the bathroom and I can go back to work tomorrow feeling pleased that I’ve accomplished all that I wanted to at home over the holiday. I actually feel ready to get back to work for a change; I usually feel like I need one more day as my vacation comes to an end.  

This week’s health plan:
Breakfasts: light multigrain english muffins with PB and banana or oatmeal
Lunches: salad with grilled chicken
Dinners: chicken piccata with roasted potatoes and asparagus or shrimp with whole grain rice and broccoli 
AND WATER, I hate water but need to cut out the diet soda and alcohol and get back to water 

Exercise: I got a Wii and Wii Fit Plus!  Should come Monday, we’ll see how good of a workout it is or I’ll have to brave the cold and go to the gym. 

I’ll give another plug to Livestrong, it is a great resource to keep track of your goals and there are lots of forums to motivate and give you ideas.  There are forums to help lose weight, reach fitness goals, and quit smoking.  Check out the website.  

Wally Lamb-Wishin and Hopin: A Christmas Story
Unlike most of Wally Lamb’s books this is a quick, easy read.  Thus far I cannot tell what it has to do with Christmas but time will tell.

I’ve been in a Green Day mood lately.  I was surprised how much I love the new version of 21 Guns featuring the cast of American Idiot; so much so I’m curious to hear the rest of the songs.  This version of 21 Guns is now available on iTunes and Amazon mp3. 

I’ve also been loving Patrick Stump’s episode of Live from Darryl’s House with Darryl Hall.



  1. Wanna trade recipes? As my reward for 1 month free of chemical sweetners I bought a Tosca Reno cookbook.

    • mckinlau

      ooh yes! I warn you my weekend adventure new recipe is eggplant, or bharta (mashed eggplant with Indian spices).

  2. Bharta is not one of my favorite Indian dishes; though probably because I am not a huge fan of eggplant–despite trying it every year (I just can’t get past not believing that beautiful purple bulb won’t be delightful on my tongue). I’m traveling this week to Minneapolis, so my cooking is limited this weekend to bread.

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