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I had started this blog with the intent of writing music and book reviews but as you can tell if you look at the dates on my posts that idea never really came to fruition.  So as 2009 comes to an end I’m dusting off the blog and recreating it as my 2010 goal tally.  I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, though there is some dream of a fresh start that seems to build in people this time of year whether one chooses to acknowledge it or not.  This year in particular was a very difficult year for me and I look forward to the promise of a new beginning but am uncertain of the likelihood of that to occur.  This new year is also a farewell to the first decade of the new millennium.  There was an Op-Ed column in New York Times referring to the these first ten years as “The Big Zero” for the lack of economic gain or success that have been afforded to our nation in this era.  For me the past ten years have been a roller-coaster.  I graduated from college and got my Ph.D., lived in seven apartments in three states and met countless people along the way.  The move to PA two years ago was meant to be a settling of my life but instead the past two years have been professionally unstable as the current economic state has taken it’s toll on Big Pharma and I wait to hear my fate in the aftermath of an acquisition.  

Seeing as I have no control over any of this, I’m going to start 2010 focusing on what I can control; here are my goals (that’s right goals not resolutions, as resolutions by nature seem to be destined to fail):

Get and Stay Healthier

According to the “experts” you should set specific goals to increase the likelihood of success so allow me to elaborate.  In theory I have simple plans: pack lunch, eat less processed food and more fruits and vegetables, drink water not diet coke, work out after work, sleep more.  We all know this is what we should be doing and hear it all the time, especially this time of year.  I had actually been doing very well from April to July and lost 15 pounds, which I have maintained up until the holidays (I haven’t determined the post-holiday damage yet).  Though I’ve maintained my weight loss, I have not maintained my eating or exercise habits so goal #1 is to restart.  On January 1, I will assess the holiday damage and begin tracking my nutrition on The Daily Plate again, as I did to lose the weight in the first place.

Save More $$

Another cliché I know, but if I’m ever going to go from renter to homeowner I’ve got to actually create and stick to a budget.  Furthermore, with layoffs threatening I really need to have as much saved as possible in case severance runs out before a comparable job can be found.   

Be a Better Friend

I readily admit that I am horrible at keeping in touch with people.  This year I will make a conscious effort to pick up the phone and call one person per week who I haven’t spoken to in awhile.  I make no promises of visits; I spend too much time driving back and forth to NY/NJ and hardly anyone has made the trip to PA.  I do have an open-door policy so visit as you wish.

Read More

Less TV more books.  There are a ton of books I want to read and just haven’t yet.  

Try New Things

I’m bored.   I haven’t decided what new things to try so I’m open to suggestions.  At this point I have in mind to see what classes the Community College offers and go for a cooking class or writing class; maybe I’ll start going to a book club.  I have begun compiling a list of potential new ventures, 12 new things in 2010 seems reasonable, one per month.  

1. Take a Class at the Community College

2. Learn to Knit-An old lady hobby no more, knitting is quite popular among younger circles (so I tell myself).  Since my mother refuses to teach me to knit, though she knows how and is very good at it, I’ll just have to teach myself.  I think I’ll start with this book solely because I like the title.  

3. Learn to Swim-I can kind of swim, barely.  I don’t sink and can swim under water pretty well.  It’s the above water part that’s a sad display of what one may loosely describe as swimming. 

4. Explore Philly-I’ve lived here two years and haven’t gone around the city much yet. 

5. Run a 1/2 Marathon-I’ve walked two marathons, actually two, 1.5 marathons, for charity.  I’ve never been a runner but would like to get to the point that I could train and run at least a 1/2 marathon.  2011 goal could be the full.

6. Go to Europe-A long-shot given my current financial status but I’ll put in writing and at least get a passport.

That’s all I could come up with off the top of my head so suggest away.  Cliche and simple but these are the goals I am shooting for in 2010.  What about you, have you thought about what you want for yourself in 2010 and how you’re going to get there?  What are your goals, or resolutions if you wish?


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  1. Fabulous goals! Anytime you want to head into Philly let me know… I plan to resume my monthly sojourn this spring.

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